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Note: You must reside in Canada to be eligible for the Silver Scripts services.

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Register online, by phone or email.

STEP 2: Fill Out Information

Fill in the information on the transform prescription form that you’ll receive from our customer support team through email.

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STEP 3: Relax

No hassle, no fuss. We manage the transfer and renewal of your prescriptions.

STEP 4: Setup Account

Once we created your customer account, you will receive a personal registration code and instructions to link your prescription details to your pharmacy profile.

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Hurray! Download the app and manage your prescriptions and refills all in one place for yourself, your dependents, and even your pets!

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Using technology to improve how Canadians manage their medications

Silver Scripts is an online pharmacy dedicated to providing innovative medication management solutions for families, caregivers, and preferred provider networks across Canada.

Our Silver Scripts app allows you to securely access and manage medications for the whole family anywhere, anytime, right from your smartphone or computer. Through our app you can request refills, upload and submit new prescriptions, access helpful information and consult virtually with our pharmacists.

Our app also provides families and caregivers with the tools to help manage medications for those under their care, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

An Innovative Pharmacy
Created with You in Mind

Free Delivery

We deliver your medications right to you anywhere in Canada

Your Privacy

We deliver your medications in discreet packaging to protect your privacy

Automatic Refills

We manage your refills and prescription renewals so you always have your medications

We Are Here for You

Our team is here to answer your questions and to provide medication consultations via phone, video chat or email

Pharmacy Solution

Manage your prescriptions and refills right on our phone app

Experienced &
Professional Team

Our team specializes in woman’s health, diabetes management, cardiovascular health, asthma,
geriatric care and more…

Packaging Options

We can package your medications in multi-dose packaging to make sure you are taking the right medication at the right time at no extra cost


We provide you with the tools to easily manage medications for the whole family and for those you are caring for

Benefits of using the Silver Scripts App

Medication Profile

Accessing your medication profile from your mobile device

View You Prescriptions

See all your medications and prescriptions in one place

Refill by Scan

Request automated medication refills by search or scan anytime, anywhere

Renewals by Photos

Request renewals by photos pictures on your mobile phone

Add a Dependant

Access the medication details of your dependants by linking a dependant profile to your account

Add a Pet

Access the medication details of your pets by linking a pet profile to your account

Search For a Pharmacy

Easily find a pharmacy near you with on the map

Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications when your medication is ready

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Rocky The Salesman
Rocky The Salesman
Excellent service. from Silver Scripts Pharmacy in Burlington. They manage our prescriptions in a very quick and efficient manner saving us a lot of time. Since we started getting our prescriptions from them over a year ago, their customer service has been top class. Keep up up the good work.
Wayne S.
Wayne S.
Probably the best service I've ever got from any Pharmacy. Every time we need a renewal, Silver Scripts gives us a heads up, plus, even when I run out of my prescription, they go above and beyond and contact my Doctor for their ok to issue another refill. And on top of all this, they are really nice people!
Sarah Malcolm
Sarah Malcolm
Silver Scripts has made getting prescription refills so simple! I’ve been using this service since they opened, and it has been such a relief to have easy access to refills while away at university. The entire team is amazing! Friendly representatives (thanks Laurie!), speedy delivery, and shipment updates through Canada post. I couldn’t imagine a better service, truly a wonderful and worry free experience!
Sarah Casey
Sarah Casey
Silver Scripts has been awesome handling my medications! I’m a couple provinces away and they get them sent out in a timely manner; remind me that my refills are due and answer any of my medication related questions. They even send me OTC products with no hassle and order them if they don’t have them in stock. So so happy that I made the switch - it really has been a great experience!! Laurie and Amanda are the two that I communicate with the most and they are awesome!! Thank you again!!
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston
Great customer service. Would highly recommend.
Esther Screen
Esther Screen
Great company and they prove customer service is not dead. They have free delivery in the GTA and always follow up to confirm that I received my prescription. Once one their employees personally delivered my prescription. I'm not aware of the reason but I appreciate that they go above and beyond. They always respond in a timely manner. Highly recommend!
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Please note that a Silver Scripts profile is required to link your pharmacy account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Silver Scripts an online pharmacy that provides medications to anyone in North America?

Silver Scripts is a family-owned Canadian pharmacy focused on medication safety, convenience and innovation. Silver Scripts delivers prescription medications and over the counter items to their customers across Canada

How is Silver Scripts different from a conventional pharmacy?

Silver Scripts is an integrated online pharmacy with a professional team of experienced pharmacists, registered technicians and support staff. Our online platform is designed to support your needs and those you care for. We make prescription uploads easy, automatically refill medications based on your preferences, and communicate with your prescribers to ensure appropriateness and consistent medication supply. Hassle free and complimentary delivery means no more long line ups at the pharmacy. Our team is available for consultation and fills your medications with accuracy and discretion.

Does Silver Scripts have a location that I can visit?

The quickest way to get to us is to visit our website at (The Silver Scripts app will be available for download soon on the Google Play Store/IOS App Store). Our dedicated and knowledgeable team can be reached at 1-844-909-7274

Silver Scripts head office is located at:
Silver Fox Pharmacy
2-5040 Mainway
Burlington, Ontario, L7L 5Z1

Is there a cost to use Silver Scripts services?

There are no hidden costs to use our services and medications are delivered free of charge across Canada.

The only charges that may apply are the dispensing fee depending on the coverage of your health insurance plan and the type of medications you order, and for emergency delivery depending on location and time.

Why do I have to pay a dispensing fee for my prescriptions?

Dispensing fees are charged to cover the various services that pharmacies provide, including: keeping an up to date medical profile, ensuring medications are filled accurately and appropriately, specialized packaging and delivery, our team communicating with other health care professionals about your medications, and access to our pharmacists to discuss your medications.

Can I send you my old medication or needles for disposal?

Simply give us a call and we’ll send you the appropriate packaging to use. We will dispose of your items safely. Alternatively, you can take these items to local participating pharmacies.

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Order or refill your medications online and get it delivered across Canada for free. Register Today!

Note: You must reside in Canada to be eligible for the Silver Scripts services.

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Note: You must reside in Canada to be eligible for the Silver Scripts services.

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You must reside in Canada to be
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Note: You must reside in Canada to be eligible for the Silver Scripts services.

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