Preferred Providers

We work with benefits providers to reduce overall costs on prescription medications

Silver Scripts is reducing costs on drug plans through:

  • Reduced dispensing fees on medications
  • Waived copayments meaning zero cost for employees
  • Offering alternative options and access to patient assistance programs for high-cost medications

How can employees benefit?

  • Convenient ordering of prescriptions, over-the-counter items, medication supplies and more, from your mobile device or computer
  • Cost savings are passed onto employees to reduce out of pocket expenses
  • Free delivery across Canada to their location of choice
  • Access to expert advice from our experienced team over the phone or chat through our Silver Scripts App
For more information about our preferred provider plans please contact us at

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Pharmacy made simple.

Pharmacy made simple.

Silver Scripts makes your pharmacy experience easy with online medication ordering, automatic refills and free delivery across Canada

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